Summer: Great Time to Declutter

Getting ready for summer’s slow schedules also means time to knock out necessary household projects. With warmer temperatures, you may not entirely want to spend all your time outdoors, but it offers plenty of time to work on de-clutter your home. In this article, we will be going over our best tips for home organization, as well as our top projects to tackle this summer.

Decluttering Tips

Get an Early Start

It takes more time to plan and declutter your home than you think. Seana Turner, a professional organizer, suggest getting an early start. After all, decluttering your home does take time, and you don’t want to pressure yourself into it.


Start Slowly

It’s best to work on one room at a time when decluttering your home. You should start in your least cluttered room, probably a room that you don’t spend much time in, and work up from there.


Organization Is Key

When cleaning clutter out of your home, you are going to come across items you need to store away or get rid of. The best way to set aside these items is to put them in an empty area out of the way. Plus, keep in mind that it’s wise to box and label these items to make putting them easier. Especially if you plan to store items away for a period of time, pre-packaging your items will help take time out of your larger decluttering projects.


Check out our decluttering project ideas below to help you free up space in your home this summer!


Five Decluttering Project Ideas for Your Home

1. Keep Your Kitchen Fresh

If you find yourself grilling during the summer, it’s important to make sure you have clean utensils that are easy to access. Work on replacing your old or outdated condiments and spices with new alternatives to keep things fresh.


2. Go Through Seasonal Clothing

While decluttering your closets, go through your personal gloves and coats and see what your discover. You’ll be surprised what you may find!


3. Basement Clean-Out

Basements are most likely to become cluttered throughout the year. Tackle this are with your family and go through each area, getting rid of old gear and furniture to make room for new amenities. Plus, you may even be able to set up a new entertainment room for everyone to enjoy.


4. Garage Revamp

If you find that your garage is full of empty space, it may be time to start revamping the area with new bookcases, storage, and gardening gear. There’s no better area to store your snowblower, lawnmower, etc. than a garage with plenty of space.


5. Cleaning Out the Shed

Sheds get cluttered just like any other room in your house. However, since it detached from your house, it is more likely to get neglected. Work on cleaning out old gardening tools, pots, plants, etc. that are starting to pile up and clutter up your shed storage. You can even work on replacing your gear with new ones for the next upcoming seasons.