Climate Control for Your Storage Unit

Renting out a storage unit is a great way to store your precious belongings, without taking up too much space in your home or apartment. However, if you don’t rent out a climate controlled unit you may face humidly and temperature threats to your belongings.

Having a temperature and climate controlled can reduce the risk of damage to your belongings if you plan on storing them for a long time. Renting out a unit with both temperature and humidity control can help reduce deterioration of your stored items and keep your more personal belongings in better condition.


Benefits of Climate Control Self-Storage

Especially in the Southern and Western parts of the United States, climate can wreck items that are stored away. Heat is a serious issue to your belongings and climate control can keep your items safe. Plus, keep in mind that temperature can cause damage to wood, leather, pictures, videotapes, etc. It can cause some of your belongings to warp or crap, along with turning some of your paper documents unreadable.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these objects are also at risk of becoming damaged without climate control:

- Metal appliances

- Books

- Sports gear

- Mattresses and bedding

Climate control can help reduce risk to your items being stored by providing both cooling and heating to keep your belongings at a safe temperature while they are stored away. The climate control usually keeps your unit above freezing, but below 90 degrees.



Humidity Control

Units can also offer humidity control that keeps humidity levels around the 55 percent mark. Humidity can be a dangerous thing to your items and can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your belongings.

High levels of humidity can cause photos to stick together, ruining them, along with warped wood. Plus, any leather items that you keep in storage without humidity control can crack. With too much moisture in the air, humidity can also cause pianos, artwork, and electronics in your unit to become damaged.

When you put personal belongings that are prone to becoming damaged under the influence of humidity, you should be looking for a unit that can dehumidify the air. Unfortunately, units with air conditioning simply aren't enough to protect your items. According to humidity specialists, the humidity level that you want to aim for in your unit is 55 percent.



Is Climate Control Necessary for You?

Not everyone needs climate control, especially those looking for an affordable storage unit. Those who are looking to store their belongings for short-term amounts of time should most likely stick to regular units. People who aim to store their belongings for long-term use in a storage unit are much more recommended to opt in for climate control based on the nature of their items.

Plus, climate control is expensive and not everyone can afford it. If you’re looking to keep your belongings in a safer environment for a long amount of time, it is smart to opt in for climate control and keep your items safer.