Declutter - Sell Your Stuff

If you are getting reading to move or just cleaning out your house or storage unit, decluttering is necessary. Why just toss out your unwanted things or place them in self-storage when you could make some money selling your stuff online. A simple way to sell your belongings. Here is a one-stop guide to online selling.

Where To Sell Your Stuff Online

1. Craigslist
Craigslist sees more than 60 million visitors every month, making it a great place to list your old belongings. In fact, 32% of people who are moving have said they tried selling things on Craigslist. This site is perfect for larger items like furniture and appliances.
2. Free Apps
Nowadays, there is a range of free mobile apps designed for the purpose of selling stuff. Some popular ones are OfferUp, Letgo, and Decluttr.  
3. Amazon
Amazon is another great option for selling belongings. The Amazon marketplace allows you to sell anything that they sell with a primary, individual seller’s account. Listing items are free, but the site takes a 99 cent commission on each item sold. The best items to post on Amazon are smaller things like DVDs, books, and video games.
4. eBay
eBay is similar to Amazon, but it provides a larger audience for your listings. Almost 25% of people moving have said they have used eBay to sell their belongings. With that larger audience, however, comes a greater amount of sellers. The site has more than 25 million merchants around the world. All this competition may be overwhelming for some less experienced sellers. Search your self-storage for collectibles, small electronics, and high-end clothing as these are the best sellers on eBay. 

Tips For Online Selling

Clean Before You Photograph
Start with cleaning the product you are selling. Things can get pretty dirty when kept in storage. Thoroughly clean off any dust, dirt, or grime. If your item looks dirty or dingy, people may try to haggle a lower price or overlook it entirely.

Clear The Background
When photographing your item, back sure nothing is distracting in the background. This may detract attention from your item. Clear away any clutter from behind your item and try to place it against a solid colored wall or sheet.

Pay Attention To The Lighting
You don’t need a professional setup to light your photos well. Try using natural light when taking your photos. This will allow potential buyers to view the product and all its details.

Showcase Unique Features
Does your item have something that makes it truly unique? Take a photo of it! Even if it does not, make sure you include a few close-up photos that show off the details of your item. Good images of the unique details can make the difference when trying to close a sale. 

Don’t Hide The Flaws
When listing your belongings for sale, make sure you are honest about any imperfections. People need to know ahead of time if they are getting an item that is not in perfect condition. Take a close up photo of the issue and try to mention it in the product description, too. And, price your item accordingly.