Hello Spring: Goodbye Winter Stuff

What to do with your Winter stuff

Spring has officially begun and it’s now finally time to say goodbye to all your winter stuff. To learn how to store and properly maintain all your possessions in your Garden City NY storage units until next winter, visit us here. In the meantime, check out our intuitive guide on how to store your winter things for their season-long hibernation below.

Preparing your Leather Coats, Bags, and Shoes

When storing your leather coats, bags, and shoes:

- Use pencil erasers to take out stains on suede fabrics.

- Fill your shoes and/or bags with acid-free tissue paper to help prevent it from losing its shape.

- Wrap your leather and suede items in plastic to help prevent lack of moisture.

- Condition your leather shoes, belts, and bags to prevent them from drying or cracking over the spring, summer, and fall.

- Store skin coats, bags, or belts in temperature-controlled settings such as a closet to prevent them from getting hit with direct sunlight.

- Fill the arms of your jackets and coats with acid-free paper and wrap them with paper to hang.



Storing Wool and Cashmere Clothing

When storing your wool and cashmere clothing:

- Instead of hanging up your clothing, fold them instead to help keep their shape.

- Always remember to clean all your clothing before storing them in your Garden City NY self-storage. This will prevent excess odors or stains from building up.

- Repeatedly check on your clothing to make sure no moisture, insects, or mold has appeared.

- Do gentle housekeeping on your storage areas to prevent any dust or dirt seeping into your clothes.

- Kill or get rid of any moths that could pose a threat to the health of your clothes. You can even put an anti-month paper in your wardrobe to prevent them from touching your clothing.

- Do not store your clothing in cardboard boxes since they are not pH neutral and can cause damage to your clothes. Instead, opt in for a breathable bag at least 10 cm deep that can store your clothing.

- Don’t leave your clothes in plastic bags for over three months due to temperature changes. When you’re changing the bags, make sure to wipe off your clothing to prevent yellowing or mildew.

- Try wrapping your clothes in acid-free paper which can better preserve your clothes' normal color and even protects it from dust.



Preparing Blankets and Throws Rugs

When storing your blankets and throw rugs:

- Regularly apply insect repellent in your storage units

- Vacuum and clean your rugs

- Roll up your rugs or blankets after cleaning them before storing.

- Store your blankets and rugs in areas with low humidity and dark lighting.

- Wrap your items in paper covers.

- Make sure to check on your blankets and throw rugs periodically.



How to Store Winter Sports Equipment

When storing your winter sports equipment:

- Give yourself plenty of time to prep your ski and snowboard equipment. Rushing you packaging could cause breaks or poor maintenance that could affect its life in storage.

- Skis should be finely tuned before storing meaning they should have their edges sharpened and their bases cleaned.

- Skis and snowboards should have a summer wax applied before being placed in self-storage.

- Store your equipment laying flat on the ground or securely hung.

- Shrink wrap your ski and snowboard bag to prevent humidity damage.

- Strap your skis together without having them touch each other, base to base.

Plenty of boots, helmets, gloves, and jackets go missing during the spring, summer, and fall. To prevent losing any of your own equipment, be sure to:

- Label all of your belongings

- Hang up all of your winter clothes and equipment

- Keep your boots and clothing all in one secure area