5 Things You Didn’t Know About On Demand Storage

On Demand Storage

When you’re thinking about putting your items into storage what comes to mind?  For many of us, we think about packing all of our stuff, hauling everything across town and keeping items in a storage facility. Once the items are self-stored, many of us will likely worry about the facility and whether it’s secure enough. But there is another way and it’s something you may not know much about. In recent years, many are people are turning to on-demand storage companies.

On-demand storage is one of the services we offer at Storage Quarters. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, in an era of growing demand for storage. According to Wired, millions of baby boomers are going to downsize their living space to become renters by 2020.  So we want to help you understand how this new trend works by telling you 5 things you didn’t know about on-demand storage.

1) You Won’t Have to Do the Legwork

The critical difference between on-demand storage and self-storage is that you won’t have to do legwork when you store your items with an on-demand company. That’s because on-demand storage is based on the idea that the customer shouldn’t have to be responsible for moving the items they store. Instead, your on-demand storage company will provide you with containers and packing supplies. They’ll schedule drop-offs of these containers and pickups of your stuff once you’ve packed them. When you’re ready to retrieve items from storage, your on-demand storage company will schedule another drop-off.

2) On-Demand Storage Customers Can Monitor Their Items

There are many ways you can keep track of your items from keeping a list that you write up to taking photographs of items which can often be uploaded to an on-demand company’s website. Your on-demand company will also be able to track your stored items on their side. One way to do this is to provide customers with barcoded containers or labels that can easily be scanned in order to locate a customer’s items. Online accounts can also be set up so you can monitor your inventory and see what you have stored.

3) You May Be Able to Store Larger Items

Space may be at a premium if you use a self-storage facility, but on-demand storage companies often use larger facilities for their clients and may be able to accommodate you if you have much larger items to store. Because on-demand companies pick up your goods, any larger items must be something that can be easily moved. Items like luggage, bicycles, and skis, which can be picked up by one person may be OK. Check with your on-demand storage company and find out.

4) Your Items Will Be Secure

On-demand storage companies bring your goods to a secure facility that is a far cry from many out of the way self-storage facilities. You want to store your things in an on-demand facility that’s climate controlled and safe. When you use, Box&Co, the on-demand service provided by Storage Quarters, you’ll receive zip-tie locks and you also have the option to buy combination locks.

5) You Can Have More Access to Your Items Than You Think

If you need to get to your items immediately, on-demand storage can get you access. Most companies schedule storage pickoffs and drop-offs daily. With Storage Quarters, the Box&Co team is available 7 days a week with the facility only closed on major holidays.

Storage Quarters Handles All of Your Storage Needs

Whether you prefer on-demand storage, self-storage or if you’re looking for a document management company to store, manage or destroy documents, Storage Quarters can take care of all your needs. Our on-demand storage is perfect for students, people who are downsizing their living space or for those who move around seasonally. Contact us today.