Is Mobile Shredding Right for You?

Getting organized can be much easier with the convenience of mobile shredding services. It removes the stress of getting rid of documents with sensitive material by bringing the service right to your home or office.

With the rise of identity theft, secure disposal of documentation is more crucial than ever. Thieves have actually gone through garbage to find paperwork with I.D. numbers, account numbers, etc. Mobile shredding is the solution to secure, safe disposal.

No matter the business, you likely have sensitive information, whether that’s records with credit card numbers, medical information, legal documents, files that contain Social Security numbers, etc. Aside from security concerns, eventually files need to be purged for space or after they’re converted to digital.

The Drawbacks of DIY Shredding

Some people decide to save money and shred sensitive documents themselves. While it is an option, DIY shredding has these pitfalls:

1. Inferior shredders - The type of shredder a normal business usually buys can easily jam if more than a few pages are fed into it at a time. They typically shred in strips that could possibly be pieced back together.

2. Time consuming - In addition to feeding paper carefully to avoid jams, staples, paperclips, binder clips, and rubber bands have to be removed first.

3. Security - Since shredding is a tedious task, it’s often given to an intern or low-level employee. Are you completely confident no data will go astray?

4. Not recycling friendly - Some municipal recycling programs won’t take shredded paper because it can be messy. Since such programs won’t accept recycled paper in plastic bags, containing it can be difficult.

How Does Mobile Shredding Work?

Mobile shredding offers you the convenience of professional shredding on your own premises. A mobile shredding truck travels to your home or business, containing professional shredders that crosscut your documents into small, confetti-like pieces. These are professional shredding machines and can process more paper in less time than small home shredders. Even better, you can watch the entire process. When finished, you receive a Certificate of Destruction. Businesses are often required to provide these certificates during legal cases to prove document destruction.

Unlike DIY shredding, commercial shredding can be environmentally friendly. Professionally shredded documents are baled and sent to recycling mills for processing.

Some of the benefits of mobile shredding:

1. Convenient – Our mobile shredding truck comes to your location.

2. Secure – You can watch the documents/CDs be destroyed and receive a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete.

3. Efficient – Industrial mobile shredders can process more material faster.

4. Environmentally friendly – Shredded documents are baled and taken to a recycling facility.

5. Regular visits - If you generate a lot of material to discard, we can schedule our shredding truck to visit at regular intervals.

Mobile shredding is ideal for:

  • Home owners cleaning out old documents

  • Law firms

  • Doctor Offices / Medical practices

  • Insurance agents

  • Hospitals

  • Accountants / Financial firms

  • Real estate brokers

  • Pharmaceutical firms

  • Car dealerships

Storage Quarters Mobile Shredding Is Secure & Convenient

Don’t waste your time shredding sensitive documents. Let the document management professionals at Storage Quarters mobile shredding division process your sensitive documents securely, quickly, and efficiently. Our mobile shredding truck travels to all five NYC boroughs. Securely dispose of your old records today. To get a free quote or book our services, contact Storage Quarters today.