Top 5 Expert Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Whether you are hiring movers or doing it yourself, moving can be an incredibly stressful life event. However, with the proper planning and organization, any move from Garden City, Long Island to Whitestone Queens New York can be a little less overwhelming. Here are the top five tips from expert movers for a stress-free move.


1. Start Your Move Early

Rushing your packing for moving is one of the biggest mistakes you can take. The best time to start packing is four to six weeks in advance. Rushed packing can lead to missed or damage items which can ruin your move altogether.

The top supplies you will need to have a successful move are:

- Paper

- Boxes

- Tape

- Markers

- Sandwich bags


2. Don’t Do Everything at Once

In order, pack non-essentials early and work your way up from there every week. Non-essentials include seasonal clothing, artwork, books, or video games. Go room to room every day and make sure you don’t miss anything. The worst thing you can do is rush your packing and miss select items that you may never have the chance of recovering.


3. Keep Track of What You Pack

There are plenty of ways you can keep track of what you’re packing by color-coding or labeling each box using paper and sharpies. Assign each room in the house a different color or simply write the name of the room on the box. Don't forget about any boxes heading to your storage units at your local Garden City self-storage facility.


4. Get Rid of Excess Junk

You don’t need to bring everything with you. Instead of bringing your old junk that you barely touch to your new home, throw a yard sale, donate, put it in your Long Island storage units, or throw it away instead. Remember, the more stuff you need to bring, the larger the New York truck you will need to rent. This is only going to waste crucial money you may be budgeting towards things you need to buy for your new home.


5. Keep The Essentials On Hand

If you’re planning a long move that can take a couple hours or a day to drive to, make sure you have an essentials bag that contains snacks, books, your wallet, medication, toothbrush, etc. Anything you would need in a given day should be within arms reach.

While you pack, make sure you keep out a few essentials such as paper towels, phone charger, and some utensils. You never want to have to dig through your already packed up boxes to find these necessities. Plus, you never know when you’ll be ordering food and no one wants to get messy with it, especially if you already cleaned up your place before you leave.


At first, moving out can seem like a strenuous task, but if you remember these tips you will have a more efficient and less stressed transition. So, don’t forget, take your time, organize your boxes, and keep your essentials on hand at all times. And, if you are looking for a self-storage facility in the New York area in Whitestone Queens and Garden City, contact us at Storage Quarters.