Our organizational consultants specialize in transforming your space for now and in the future. Whether you are moving, joining households, expecting a baby or simply want to de-clutter your space, The Clutter Concierge can help! Our space planning specialists will do everything from evaluating your storage needs to redesigning your dream space. 


We have found that once our clients clear their clutter they need help designing their new or renovated space. Our licensed interior design specialists will work collectively with you to take your ideal vision and make it into a reality. Whether it's redesigning your current home, apartment or office, selecting paint colors and finishes for a renovation, or helping you prepare to move into a new home or office, we will streamline the process saving you time, energy and money.


During the course of your life situations may change. Whether you or someone you love is moving, getting married, starting a family, taking care of aging parents and much more. These life events can be stressful and burden you with new “stuff” in your life. Hiring a professional organizer for just a few hours or even long term can help you re-organize your or your loved ones life to fit your new circumstances.


It is often hard to detach from all the memories your home’s stuff can offer. We can make the process easier by taking away the emotion that comes with downsizing. Storage Quarters is unique because it offers a single business solution for all your needs. Our professionals will be there to simplify your life in ways you never imagined. We set up lifelong strategies so that you can maintain an organized lifestyle now and in the future.


Selling your home and moving can be stressful, we can help to keep you organized throughout the whole process.  From the moment you consider putting your home on the market to the time you move into your new home.  We can make small modifications with furnishings and accessories that will help potential buyers visualize there dream home. The cost of Home Staging is always less than your first price reduction! We declutter and store your items prior to home staging, then we redesign your space, and return your items whenever you’re ready for them.

Our services include but are not limited to Homes, Apartments, Offices, Closets, Pantries, Garages, Kitchens, Home Offices, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Bedrooms. All services are highly confidential.

Our price for a 60 minute assessment is $65 for LI and $100 for NYC. We will come to your home or office and assess the project’s needs. Then together we will create a unique plan to organize and design your dream space.