Medical records are highly personal and can include very sensitive information. As concerns regarding privacy and protection of personal information grow and methods of exploitation continue to develop, it is critical that patient records be kept secure by medical facilities. But what happens if a medical practice or hospital closes? Clients have several concerns when planning for custodial medical records management.

  • What happens to patient medical records?

  • What if patients or legal entities need access to those records?

  • How long are medical records retained for?

  • What happens to medical records once the retention requirement is met?

The document management solutions experts at Storage Quarters have extensive experience with handling, storing, and securing sensitive personal information. They are ready to assist with every aspect of custodial medical records storage.

How Storage Quarters Manages Custodial Records

Paper medical records are stored using HIPAA-compliant practices in secure facilities which are monitored 24/7. Records are sorted and organized using a bar code system so that should they be required by patients or legal entities, retrieval is quick. Hardcopy files can be uploaded into an EMR system if desired. Once the retention requirements are met or the EMR system is created, the documents are securely shredded and recycled.

Located conveniently in Garden City, Storage Quarters has a top-of-the-line, climate-controlled facility. Among the security features of the facility are 24-hour video surveillance, security and alarm protection, fire detection, and electronic access gate, all housed on a fenced and lighted property.

If the medical facility has an existing EMR system, the medical records are encrypted and uploaded to Storage Quarters’ cloud. This private cloud storage is secured by multiple firewalls and Disaster Recovery Programs.

How Long Are Medical Records Kept?

An all-encompassing answer doesn’t exist for this question. Retention can be based on several different factors including –

  • The patient’s state residence.

  • The age of the patient.

  • Whether the records are held by a doctor or a hospital.

  • The date that the document was created or modified.

In New York State, medical doctors are required to retain adult patient records for 6 years and for minors, the requirement is also 6 years and until 1 year after the minor reaches 18. Hospitals in New York have the same 6-year retention requirement for adult patients but for minor patients, the requirement is 6 years from the discharge date or 3 years after the patient reaches 18, which is longer. Additionally, hospitals are required to retain records for deceased patients for at least 6 years.

Our Document Management Experts

The staff at Storage Quarters are what helps to set us apart from other document management companies. Our staff has undergone thorough background checks prior to employment. They are then trained in HIPAA compliance and confidentiality processes. All work involving medical records handling, storage, and security is done on the premises. No work is outsourced.

If you need more information about custodial medical records management, you would like to get a free quote, or you are ready to set up an appointment, then please give us a call at 516-794-7300 or email us today at We look forward to hearing from you!