Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Save time, space, and money while increasing document/records security. Storage Quarters can convert your documents into digital files and help your company go paperless! 

Benefits of Digital Scanning Services:

  • Greater efficiency – Documents are always available when you need them

  • Easy integration to EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

  • Save money – Spend less on storage

  • HIPAA compliance made easy

  • Save office space – No extra space needed for old records

  • Improved Productivity – Multiple office locations can quickly access the same records

  • Off-site disaster recovery

  • Electronic records can be held indefinitely and conveniently

Storage Quarters of Garden City, NY can create an efficient mix of on-site, off-site and electronic records storage tailored to your needs for easy access and quick retrievals.

How It Works:

1. Storage Quarters picks up your files. We can also pack and organize your files into boxes if needed.

2. The file boxes are transported to our facility using HIPAA security standards.

3. Each box is barcoded with a unique identification number and SKU for easy tracking.

4. Documents are scanned and uploaded.

5. Your office’s indexing or identification system is applied to files. If you don’t have an established ID system, we can create one for you.

6. We electronically upload your files to your computer and/or an external hard drive, flash drive and/or EMR.

7. Files are shredded or stored, as you prefer.

Storage Quarters’ services are especially valuable for medical offices. Our file scanning and imaging process is completely HIPAA compliant from the time we pick up your file boxes through the entire scanning and storage process. Storage Quarters is ideal for helping your office go paperless because:

  • Everything is done in-house – nothing is outsourced.

  • Our staff has passed thorough background checks and are trained in HIPAA compliance and confidentiality.

  • Electronic documents are encrypted.

  • Files can be uploaded into an EMR and place charts into different sections according to the Doctors’ needs, such as progress notes, lab work, testing, etc.

  • Storage Quarters’ IT team provides extra protection by ensuring we have strong firewalls and rigorous Disaster Recovery Programs in place at all times.

Saving money and space, greater efficiency, and security – Storage Quarters makes going paperless a smooth transition for any office. For your convenience, we offer three document scanning options: Scan Day Forward Active Files, Archive Active and Inactive Paper Files, and Scan On Demand.

Archiving Active and Inactive Paper Files is a type of back file conversion. Legacy documents from prior years or currently active files are digitized or both.

With Scan Day Forward Active Files, currently active documents are converted as they enter the workflow system. New documents are automatically converted from a point in time onward.

Scan On Demand is used as needed for certain files or document types rather than converting all records to digital formats.

Maintain security, improve efficiency, save money & space – Storage Quarters of Long Island is the smart choice for document imaging and storage. 

A Total Imaging Solution That Integrates Scanning Services with Record Center Services

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